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Frequently asked questions about our products

Here we have to tried to answer some of the general questions about our products that we have been asked over the years. Hopefully we have managed to cover your questions but if we haven't - then simply just give us a call on 0800 246 5804 and we will be happy to help.

Alternatively, you can ring us on +44 1963 361511.

Frequently asked questions about our gazebos

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Do I need Planning Permission for a Wooden Gazebo?

As a gazebo is looked upon as being similar to a garden shed or greenhouse, planning permission is not normally required in most circumstances. However, if you are unsure it is always best to speak and check with your local planning office.

Is there a guarantee with the gazebo?

Our manufacturer only sources and uses the highest quality parts for our gazebos and because of this we are we are more than confident and happy to sell all our gazebos complete with a 5 Year Guarantee.

You can buy one of our gazebos with complete peace of mind knowing that what you are buying is going to give you many years of excellent service.


How easy is it to install one of your gazebos?

In short - very easy, even for someone of average DIY Skills. All our gazebos in this range come complete with easy to follow instructions, all required fixings and the timber which comes pre drilled holes making it so easy to install.

How long will it take to install our gazebo?

As mentioned above, because the gazebo comes with the timber comes pre drilled and with easy to follow and simple instructions, installation of the Tuscany and Provence gazebo can be completed by 2 people in about 4 to 5 hours. Our larger gazebo, the Andalucia, will take 2 people approx 6 to 7 hours.

Do we need to fix our gazebo to the ground?

So that you can make your gazebo secure, we include also include and supply with your new gazebo some special bolts which allow for you to attach the legs to your chosen base fitting.

Can we move our gazebo around in the garden or take it with us if we move?

All of our wooden garden gazebos have been designed so that they can be dismantled, moved and reinstalled very easily. So if you do happen to move house somewhere along the line, you can take you gazebo with you to enjoy.

The timber frame

What type of timber is used in your gazebos and where does it comes from?

The timber frame construction that is used in our Torino, Valencia and Riviera gazebos, is a European Redwood (Pinus Sylvestris) which is imported from Sweden.

Is the timber used from an environmentally responsible company?

All the timber used is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified - a guarantee that it comes from sustainable managed forests.

Does the timber need to be treated?

No the timber does not need to be treated as it has already been pressure treated to give protection from decay and infestation and has an expected life of up to 30 years.

Is the timber treatment used environmentally safe?

Yes it is. The timber used in our Torino, Valencia and Riviera gazebos is treated with a product that has been widely used across Europe over the last 10 years called Osmose Naturewood™. This product complies with all relevant British and European Standards (including BS8417).

Does the timber need to be treated?

No the timber does not need to be treated.

Will the appearance of the timber change over time?

Yes it will - All timber has a natural variation in colour, which after going through the preservative treatment process can be exaggerated. This appearance will vary from a light green tinge to a natural honey brown colour, which after long term exposure to the sun will eventually fade to a driftwood grey.

The canopy

Can I paint or stain the timber framework?

Yes you can, any good brand name can be applied to the timber. Just follow the instructions that are supplied.

What material do you use for the canopy?

The PVC membrane that is used has been designed for the commercial tent and marquee trade and is a tensile fabric structure which offers a translucent finish to your gazebo. Because the fabric is lightweight, it uses tension to create the three dimensional form which makes it possible to create exciting and striking canopies. The canopy material is manufactured by one of the world's largest producers of tensile fabric in Germany by a company called Verseidag and it is then fabricated in the UK to size to fit the gazebo.

Is the fabric used waterproof?

The fabric is not only 100% weatherproof and 100% waterproof but it also gives protection from the UV rays given off by the sun.

What temperature range can the canopy cope with?

The canopies in the Tuscany, Provence and Andalucia gazebo range, have been designed to be used in a tough environments and will therefore will work and be good between -30°c to +70°c temperature range.

How long should the canopy last for?

The fabricator that makes these canopies has been supplying canopies for over 10 years without a failure. The life expectancy of the canopy if look after properly and not mis-used, can be up to 20 years and because of its reputation of being a strong and superb fabric, the canopy comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Does the white canopy allow much light through?

One of the unique features of this fabric is that it is a translucent canopy. This allows a soft light and ultimately gives users ultra violet protection from the sun.

Does the canopy need much cleaning and how easy is it to clean?

Because of its smooth surface unlike a canvas material, when it rains the fabric is virtually self cleaning. However, one thing we strongly recommend is that you remove any bird droppings from the canopy as soon as possible, as bird droppings have some sort of acid and corrosive properties in them.

To easily clean your canopy, use a mix of a very dilute mild detergent and thoroughly rinse off. If you need to clean your canopy you can do this a few times a year, but do not use any abrasives, solvents or a power washer.

Can the canopy be removed and stored during the winter?

The canopy of your gazebo has been designed to stay out all year round without any problems, but if you want to remove the canopy this can easily done by undoing the fastening bolts and releasing the canopy, a simple five-minute job.

When you are ready to use again putting the canopy back is just as easy and simple. Just reverse the process for taking the canopy off.

Is the gazebo canopy fireproof and safe for cooking under?

Providing you take sensible precautions when cooking, then yes it is safe to cook under the canopy. The PVC material used in the making of the canopy has passed all the relevant fire safety requirements for Europe and the UK.

The metalwork

Will the metal parts rust?

No. The metalwork used in our range of wooden gazebos is made from Stainless Steel which means that it will not rust. However, under some conditions there is a chance that it might tarnish, but don;t worry as this can easily be removed using a stiff nylon brush with some detergent.


We live in an open area. Will our gazebo be safe in high winds?

When designing the gazebos, much thought was put into the safety of the product including thoughts on the weather. So with that in mind, our gazebos have been designed with a style that allows wind to travel freely through the gazebo. Believe it or not, our gazebos have been built and tested to stand winds of up-to 90 miles per hour.

In order to help if you are worried about the wind causing problems, both the canopy and side panels (if fitted) can be easily removed to help stability of your gazebo.

In recent years we have had a lot more snow and heavier falls. Will this be a problem?

No it really shouldn't be a problem. As the fabric is extremely strong and versatile, the fabric when stretched and tighten becomes very smooth and therefore combined with the design of the gazebo the snow will simply slide off the canopy.

If for some reason there is an extremely heavy snowfall and snow does not fall off the canopy, don't worry as the fabric used in the canopy is made to withstand this sort of weight and this should not cause any problems. Just allow too thaw naturally.


Can you tell me the best way to keep our gazebo looking good?

There are a couple of simple things that you can do to help maintain keeping you gazebo looking good. The first is to remove any bird droppings as soon as possible. Unfortunately unless bird droppings are removed quickly, then you might notice some slight aesthetic damage to the fabric.

The other thing you can do to help is to wash the fabric a couple of times a year using a soft cloth and a mild diluted detergent wash.

Is there any other maintenance that we should do?

Other than that - that is all you need to do to enjoy many years of continued happy use of your gazebo.

Frequently asked questions about our all weather outdoor TVs

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What is supplied with my TV Screen?

Included in the box are, wall bracket, detachable speakers, 3 metre long cable loom, remote control unit, replacement vent filters, the instruction manual and a 1 year return to base warranty.

What is IP66 rated?

IP66 is a rating that defines the ability to keep out foreign objects. The IP stands for Ingress (the act of entering) Protection.

An IP66 rated enclosure is "dust tight" and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water.

This is defined as:

Action:Water projected in powerful jets (12.5 mm nozzle) against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects
Test duration:At least 3 minutes
Water volume:100 litres per minute
Pressure:100 kPa at distance of 3 m

How deep is the bracket that holds the TV to the wall?

For screen sizes 26" – 55" it’s 40mm and for the 65" screen and above it's 45mm deep.

Does the screen contain a media player?

There is a lockable space in the bottom of the screen where you can insert both a USB and an SD Card. A function on the remote control allows you to play your media content on a continuous loop compatible with all file formats (excluding DivX without conversion.)

How do your screens with in-built PC work?

With the addition of the in-built PC, they’ll allow you to update and refresh your content via the Internet from anywhere in the world. Control a single screen or multiple screens – all from the comfort of your desk.

Can the screen be used in portrait as well as landscape?

All of our TV screens can be placed either horizontally or vertically.

Are your outdoor TV screens vandal-proof?

To a point, yes. They are fitted with a with a laminated, toughened 6mm anti-reflective glass, 3mm steel casing/bezel and come with security wall fixings to make the installation even more robust.

What other models are available in the your range?

Also available across our range are models which feature an in-built Wi-Fi enabled PC, this allows you to update your content remotely, from any location in real-time. These screens can also be fitted to become touch-screen models giving you complete touch-panel freedom when interacting with your content. They’re just like using a large tablet computer!

Do I get a warranty with your products?

All of our TV screens are supplied with a 1 year (return-to-base) warranty. This covers all parts and all labour. Extended warranties are available upon request.

Can I not just put a regular TV in some kind of outdoor casing or housing?

Our range of Outdoor TVs are not to be confused with a TV housing for a conventional TV. Our products are purposefully designed and built to withstand extreme conditions. When you receive your TV, all you need to do is unbox, mount the bracket and screen, power-up and the job is done. Due to their nature, our screens are regularly left on and outside 24/7.

Issues arising from putting a TV in a box can include un-safe and un-tidy cabling, picture distortion as a result of having two reflective surfaces, the screen overheating and substantial condensation due to poor air-circulation, as well as the bulk associated with placing a TV in an external casing. Some external cases can be more than 8” deep. Our screens start from 93mm deep.

You get everything you need with our range of all weather outdoor TVs, it's all in the box. Our products come complete with an integral/internal heating and cooling system, wall mounting bracket, external speakers and a 3-metre long cable-loom. All of these things remove any additional hassle and mean that the TV screen is quick and easy to install.

Do you supply screens in other colours?

Would you like white for a yacht or a complimentary green for the garden? We can supply any screen in pretty much any colour. Or if you have a specific RAL code and we'll match that. We can finish either the TV bezel or the entire TV front and back. Please ask us for details and for an estimate, it’s not as expensive as you might think.

Do you hold stock?

Almost all of our key-lines shown here on our website are stock items, having stock is often what sets us apart from our competitors, and if we don’t have an item, we can usually get it within a couple of days.

Frequently asked questions about our teak garden furniture

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What is Teak?

Teak (Tectona Grandis) is genus of tropical hardwood native to South & Southeast Asia. The trees can grow up to 40 meters in height and are deciduous. As one of this world's finest woods, Teak has been used for centuries to build ships, outdoor structures and garden furniture.

Where does Your Teak come from?

This is a very good and important question and something you need to be aware in making your choice.

Most of the world's teak is sourced from renewable plantations in Indonesia. These teak plantations were first planted by the Dutch in the 1600's who held the colonial power at the time. In recent times these plantations have since been taken over and tightly owned and managed by the Indonesian Government, who are responsible for managing a strict policy regarding the size and quantity of trees felled each year together with annual replanting.

So hopefully you can see that the source of teak is very important in our world today, as there are people, companies and countries that are exploiting non renewable forests. So please choose carefully.

Is all Teak furniture the same?

The simple answer is no, not all teak wood is the same. The outer (white) teak is softer and should not be used. The inner mature teak is what the best furniture is made from. Teak should be kiln dried which dries the wood to the core and therefore is less likely to crack - unlike air dried teak which will retain up to 25% moisture.

The highest quality of teak garden furniture is machined made and machined finished. Machine made and finished furniture is more uniform in finish and therefore because of the extra finishing is more expensive. Normally this highest quality teak (otherwise known as 'A' Grade) would as a guide cost 3 or 4 times the price of good quality teak furniture that most people sell.

Wood and Moisture?

All wood in growing trees contains considerable quantities of water, commonly called sap. Most of this water should be removed in order to obtain satisfactory service from the wood in use. All wood gains loose moisture in an attempt to reach a state of balance with the condition under which it is stored or used.

To this end all the teak timber used in our furniture is kiln dried before construction so as to minimise the swelling and contracting of the furniture.

Why is teak the best wood to use for garden furniture?

Our teak furniture is made from teak which is one of the world's most valuable timbers providing durability and stability under extreme climatic conditions. Teak is a dense grained wood which makes it exceptionally strong, durable and resistant to rotting and warping with or without treatment.

Teak is also packed with its own natural oils which produce a smooth weather resistant wood perfect for quality garden furniture, which when combined with good workmanship, has a life expectancy of up to75 years - even when left untreated.

Furniture Joints?

Some of our furniture does come with bolts, but these go through mortise and tendon joints which are stronger than just dowelled joints.

The thickness of the teak is generally much greater than other hardwoods making our products even more robust. Our teak furniture is built for endurance, made out of the most durable timber.

Does your furniture require assembling?

Some pieces like coffee tables, folding tables and folding chairs, some benches, steamer chairs are supplied fully assembled whilst the rest of our range of teak furniture will need minor assembling, in which case instructions are supplied either inside or outside of each carton.

What to expect with my Teak Furniture?

Natural teak if left outdoors will gradually weather to a lovely silver grey colour. This typically can take between 6 to 9 months depending on the amount of sun and rain it has been subjected to.

During the normal weathering process small cracks (known as checking) or splits may appear, this is a characteristic of all hardwood timbers and is perfectly normal and will not affect the strength or durability of the furniture. Checking is due to changes in the seasons and the wood releasing or drawing moisture from the atmosphere and is not to be considered as a defect.

Teak is an investment and if looked after it should provide you with many years of use.

Does Teak require a lot of caring and maintenance?

The simple answer is no - your teak does not really need much caring or maintenance for you to enjoy it. Teak by its nature is meant to be left outdoors all year round. If you decide to leave out all year round then the teak itself will weather over time to a nice lovely silver grey colour.

If you prefer your furniture to keep its original colour then you need to oil or preserve your furniture before putting furniture outdoors. This is very much a personal choice but treating your teak furniture with teak oil or other preservatives is not necessary and will not extend the life of your furniture - it is purely cosmetic. If you would like to treat you teak furniture - you must do this BEFORE putting furniture outdoors, so therefore make sure that you completely oil your furniture indoors (or somewhere no outside air can get to it) and allow to dry for a couple of days before placing outside.

Once weathering has started and your furniture has started to change colour, the longer you leave it to weather, the harder it is to return to its original colour. Should you prefer to return its original colour, remove previous oil or dirt by vigorous scrubbing or using a pressure hose. The pressure hose should be held at a distance of 6 to 8 feet away, set at about 1000psi (approximately 70 bar) and then rubbing with fine sandpaper in the direction of the grain.

Once you have completed the above process make sure that the furniture is then returned to indoors (away from outside air) and allow the furniture to completely dry out before applying any Teak oil or preserve. Teak oil should not be applied over accumulated dirt as this will result in darkening of your teak furniture.

Do I need to store my furniture away during the winter?

This depends on whether you have oiled or preserved your teak before putting outdoors.

Yes - if you have treated your furniture. At the end of the summer you should bring indoors and follow or guidance under care and maintenance.

No - if you have decided to let your teak furniture to weather. Teak furniture can be left outdoors all year round. If you choose to cover your furniture outdoors during the winter then you should use a material that allows the wood to breathe. We recommend you don't use plastic.